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Tax Service:

As a Licensed Tax Professional I strive to give the maximum refund due to my clients by using the IRS tax codes seeking all tax deductions and credits that are applicable to your filing situation. The reason that many small businesses fail, and regular people are on the radar of the IRS is because of improper tax practices.


Anyone that can use a computer can plug your information into a TurboTax and prepare your return; I seek to help by giving you a better understanding of the deeper tax ramifications, and how they are beneficial to the ultimate goal of financial freedom.

As a tax professional, I proactively look to help my clients by partnering with them, reviewing their past, analyzing their present to get an understanding of where they are going. Work together to put a plan and strategy in place that will allow the company to make informed financial decisions for the growth and expansion of the business. My goal is to reduce your tax liability to the lowest amount owed to the IRS.


If you are looking to take your small business to the next level; hire a tax professional that is open year-round, serve worldwide, and for you.


Tax preparation fees vary based on the complexity of the returns. Depending on your income, tax-filing status and the forms you need to file, your expenses will vary. To give you a more in-depth look of how our fees vary.


Please click below to complete a brief questionnaire that will help me get a better picture of your tax situation and schedule a 15 mins consultation with us.

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Free Tax Resources

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Small Business Tax Prep Checklist - PDF

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Small Business Tax Organizer - PDF

What My Clients

Are Saying

"One of the best decisions me and my husband ever made is letting LaToya L Wallace Tax & Accounting Services do our tax’s. She is not just going to do your tax’s, but she is going to explain it every step of the way and try her best to answer any questions the best way she can. She definitely knows what she is doing me, and my husband has never had a problem about any return she is also very detailed. What I love most about her is how determine she is if there is a problem she is up early and late hours fixing it. Trust me if you work with her you will not be disappointed, she is simply amazing."


Mr.& Mrs. McGhee 

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