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About LaToya L. Wallace

Latoya L Wallace is known as a minister who teaches and lives by the biblical principles of her faith in God. Prior to relocating to Indiana, she lived most of her life in the south suburbs of Chicago. There she was a devoted wife to her husband, mother of three, with one adorable grandchild who she loves dearly. After the unexpected passing of her husband of 23 years she decided to relocate to the state of Indiana where her family and she currently resides.

Even in her season of grieving she was able to lean on her faith, the strength of God, and published her first book. Preserving through her many trials during that difficult season she was able to still focus on others. Living with a skin condition medically known as Vitiligo and after 20 years of being silent about the untold encounters she faced. In 2019 she decided to share her story, her journey, and her victory. The Darkside that Birthed my Worship gives personal testimonies of how she overcame the turbulent times of her childhood and young adult life.

A graduate of Governor’s State University, LaToya holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. Her career in tax preparation and accounting spans well over 15 years. Not only does she have several certifications in federal and state taxes, but she is pursuing her Master’s in taxation. She has served in several industries throughout her career as a corporate accountant which includes banking, International trading, logistics, health information management.


LaToya has also worked as a finance accountant for over 10 years for a non for profit organization she currently attends. It was not until she started working for a CPA firm, she realized this was the area in which she thrived in and wanted to branch out as an entrepreneur and start her own company.

Latoya is passionate about seeing and helping others heal, succeed, and come into financial wholeness by taking them on a financial journey to financial freedom. She believes in the covenant that God made with Abraham in Genesis. God told Abraham that he would be a father to many nations and that he would give to him and his descendants after him the land in which we live.


God promise us promise wealth and wholeness not just for us but for our descendants, descendants. This means God has position us to build and leave legacy for our name to remain in the earth. Latoya’s mission is to serve her clients in excellence with integrity, wisdom and knowledge needed to go beyond and establish a total financial wealth building system for her clients and their family.

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